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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

20 Key to invest in America

Dear Investor, I'm for you all the information you need when investing in America - U.S.
 real estate and other statutory and legal terms:
 invest in America
 invest in America
1 - buy a property in America has nothing to do never obtain U.S. citizenship or to facilitate the visa for entry to America, either closely or from afar, something Investing, immigration and travel to America or something else .

2 - to make sure, contact the U.S. Embassy in your country and ask about this, as you can relate to any lawyer in America and make sure it yourself, go to Google, and type the Immigration Lawyer in Florida, you'll see a list of all lawyers, choose one of them and contacted him, If your English is not enough to talk, see any of the Arab Lawyers' names from the list, and usually speaks Arabic, word and ask yourself to make sure .

3 - If the appointed lawyer, the lawyer his work is limited to reading the paper and make sure he was legal only, is not entitled to sign on your behalf, and if you want to buy the property through a lawyer, and you want to transfer the amount to him, then turned to him any amount, but after making sure of signing a contract with him detail required, and your right to choose the lawyer that you want (fees emulator normally almost $ 1000 + / -) .

4 - If you want to buy a property in America, whether from the owner directly or through the office of mediation, believed way of purchase through transportation companies property licensed by the U.S. government to engage in this type of activity, and any sale or purchase of the property beyond the regulations he would take them in the state is contrary to U.S. law .

5 - real estate brokerage offices must be licensed and registered and well-known entity and has a site on the Internet and telephone numbers, addresses, and clear and not fake .

6 - staff brokerage firms call them (Real Estate Broker) must be a real estate brokerage company employee holds a license to practice real estate brokerage activity, and if that did not carry the license, this is contrary to U.S. law  .

7 - For companies, the transfer of ownership, the investor (buyer) has the full right to choose any company to complete the transfer of property purchase in the right way .

You may be looking for those companies in the net, enter on google and write, for example,
Closing title Company in Florida or the state desired Appears to you a list of companies that transfer of ownership, choose any company you want and enter on their site, then continue with your desire to buy a property and the transfer of ownership, and if I am relieved to them and the services provided they have and their prices, then it is taken your information (your name and address in full) and then they prepare the contracts for you ( the initial contract and the contract is final) .

8 - To ensure your right, do not transfer any money before signing the initial contract and the final contract with the transfer of property, and any funds into or out of the account may be subject to scrutiny and accountability may be considered is a clear violation of U.S. law, and therefore should be sure to sign contracts with the company's Avatar You choose first, and after you open the company file with your name, is then convert the amount of money (the value of land + transfer fee company almost 300 to $ 400) and that you have to be attached with it in the paper and transfer your number to have the company open .

9 - Make sure when you buy any property that the instrument be written on it (General Warranty Deed) or (Full Warranty Deed) because this is the full warranty on the instrument of the property, and be careful not to any instrument does not have a warranty, guarantee or be partially
Warranty and full guarantee that you are not cumulative and do not tax debts accumulated on the property .

10 - the transfer of property is the company that you sign your property you have purchased with the court and the municipality, I must see your name registered in the U.S. Astm 48 hours to 27 hours, and the instrument comes to your address with the company after the transfer of ownership.

11 - make sure that the property does not fall within the areas of flood (I know the province, which has the property, and search the net for a number of the town is desired, and contact them and give them the record number of real estate land - usually the seller gives Hua - and take the Description property, too, then contact the municipality, and give them the record number and the description the real estate mortgage, and they will answer to that is yes or no) .

12 - make sure that the property is not within the protected areas (rare birds or animals are rare) These areas are usually not settled anything, and sold land there to 100 and $ 200, have no value at all and is not allowed housing in or inconvenience these rare animals there (area forbidden to approach) .

13 - Make sure not to be marsh land (filled with water), this can not build on it at all, all Mathfr, look Moya (not suitable for housing and construction) .

14 - Make sure that the property not be lower than the rest of the houses in the neighborhood or the surrounding area, because the rain come down in America throughout the year, if I got bottle will be channeled rain water in your home, these homes and land value is not a low desires or worthless .

15 - Ensure that it is residential real estate within the schemes, and not in the distant or cut off or there is no houses around it at all .

16 - make sure that the property does not fall within the areas of poor or dangerous areas (such as areas of gangs and drug dealers)

17 - Make sure that the drug does not have the problems of maintenance and not the house is (usually old houses -10 years and over - abound in charge of the maintenance work Jaddaaaa, and may be in poor areas) because the Americans Alracan become familiar with new homes, and if the house has become old, sell it licenses for at least a layer, then layer the least, then at least, until it reaches the layer of the poor and crime and gangs abound in these areas .

18 - There are houses of its name (Mobil Homes) and (Single Wide Mobil Homes) and (Double Wide Mobil Homes) this species is prefabricated houses, Asnauha and sell to people and then take them Balchiol and supertankers on the ground, and usually the land annual rent, purchase of these houses do not means the purchase of land on which The House, Town Home, Town House These are (land + house) .

19 - if you wish to purchase any real estate, I know the name of the owner of the property and make sure that his name on the contract sent to you, and if the subject matter through a brokerage firm real estate make sure of the identity of the company and I know the name of the (Broker) and his own career and make sure it actually works in that company and not claiming Therefore, only.

20 - for the prices of residential real estate, try to know (from court records) how much the highest value reached her property to be purchased before the crisis a little (and I'm here, I mean the actual value that was selling them, and there is no such thing as "Somme How many came to such and such") Then know how much the price difference presented today for the highest value where the real estate, and compare the two values ​​to know whether it is inefficient or not .

5 business emerge: 20 Key to invest in America Dear Investor , I'm for you all the information you need when investing in America - U.S .  real estate and other statutory and l...
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