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Monday, 12 November 2012

captagon problem in the Middle East Gulf


The problem captagon abuse has become one of the most serious health and social problems in the Arab world and even the whole world, especially as most victims captagon who are in the age of young adolescents, has been confirmed scientifically risk stimulant pills on health as well as other problems of family, social and physical. It is worth mentioning that spread captagon among our nation's youth planned and aimed at sabotaging the Arab nation socially, morally and economically.

Definition and captagon treatment

Damage captagon

Excessive deal

 Withdrawal symptoms

How do you get rid of the effects of captagon

Definition captagon:

The captagon  is the trade name for Fenethylline a compound instance of amphetamine and is doping substances derived from drugs that cause hyperactivity, hyperactivity and lack of feeling tired and hungry and cause insomnia) and one of the drug manufacturing a banned substance and are manufactured captagon in Eastern Europe such as Poland and Bulgaria in recent became manufactured in Arab countries also spread the use of amphetamines and their derivatives weight as the effect reduces appetite on the other hand increase the burning of energy and when he discovered familiarity and addiction amphetamines began producing companies to reduce output, and limited use of amphetamines is currently in the treatment of hyperactivity in children and doses very small. It's also used in the unloading sessions in psychotherapy and some cases of sudden sleep treatment Mounomat poisoning.

Damage captagon

Health damage: - of the wisdom of God Almighty to make human aware of what surrounds it when it is in its normal position either to mislead to develop abnormal influences external Katalin result is health damage many proven medically and not a figment of imagination or exaggeration and these damages as follows: -
1 - rapid health breakdown due to the inability to sleep for long periods of time.
2 - symptoms membership in the brain disorders such as spasticity.
3 - high blood pressure, heart rate and breathing drop.
4 - mental deterioration and chatter, convulsions, coma and rashes.
5 - temporal and spatial disorder, anxiety and stress.
6 - lack of white blood cells and body Monumental.
7 - dermatological among mothers who use types of amphetamines during the months of pregnancy.
8 - ill health and hysterical behavior without awareness and a tendency to laziness.
9 - infections Band Ng Panding One of the manifestations of this disease to do the same work times in succession without the attention or recognition for that (and this is known and common in drug abusers as All_hush).
10 - Loss of balance and correct judgment on things and doubt in people and this leads to introversion and isolation.
11 - chatter teeth,
12 - injury audio .
13 - causes anxiety and discomfort, insomnia, headaches and erratic behavior and delirium.
14 - cause neurological redundant and disturbances in memory and an imbalance in the perception.
15 - Loss of appetite and dryness in the throat and digestive disorders.
16 - used for long periods of time leads to atrophy and nervous system
17 - demolish the capabilities of the mind and weaken thinking properly shows her employer Kalablh.
18 - her employer Stab cases of flight of ideas.
19 - hepatitis, ulcers in the stomach and high temperature.
20 - Death.

Signs on captagon users: -

1 - hyperactivity and speech promised stability unconsciously.
2 - of anxiety and tension and psychological feeling with dates and persecution and impatience and skepticism in others, leading to rioting and committing acts of violence for no reason
3 - Frequent rubbing the nose of dryness of mucous membrane.
4 - foul odor from the mouth and lips cracked sometimes look who shall Petrarch tongue.
5 - sores and scratches to his body especially Brainchild and chest as a result of itchy skin feeling imaginary insect bites.
6 - pupil dilation and vulnerability reflective lights.
7 - Do not tilt to the food and digestive disorders.
8 - high blood pressure and increased heart rate and mother in the chest.
9 - a significant increase in secretions custom.
10 - stupid, primitive thinking, poor memory, difficulty thinking and unsteadiness.
11 - laughing or crying without reason.
12 - suicidal when you stop abuse.
13 - jerk in your hands.
14 - inability to sleep with severe fatigue and strained as a result of the presence of the stimulant in the body.
15 - The use of sunglasses at times do not require this.
16 - chilled hands and the two parties

Excessive deal

Abuse of amphetamines overload can trigger addiction myself varying degrees and usually does not happen addiction my body
Though found slim. Somatic symptoms do not occur when you drop, and if there is discontinuity which has the effect constriction myself and my mind and my body to stop the abuse of steroids.

 Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms usually begin several hours after the last dose was abuse, and a peak intensity during 2 -4 days, then fade usually on the seventh day of the stop abuse.
The withdrawal symptoms usually characterized by a sense of unease, lassitude powers, headaches, bad dreams, increase or lack of sleep, increased appetite, feeling sluggish or excessive nervousness.

How do you get rid of the final captagon

Take off and repent for abuse article captagon, which is one of the worst and most insidious types of psychoactive Alonfitaminac, which lead to illness Baroni, or knows Baznan, and paranoia.



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